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Based on the revolutionary AVL SOM3® formula

Everything your skin needs. Nothing it doesn’t.

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Where science meets skincare.

AV Laboratories was founded on the simple, but revolutionary idea: What if we cared for our skin the same way we care for our most delicate cells?

With that question in mind, our team of scientists applied years of biomedical research experience to the development of a skincare solution that provides your skin with the optimal environment for thriving at the cellular level.

AVL SOM3® Technology


Science-based skincare with a human touch.

The breakthrough: Our patented Simplex Optimization Medium 3 (AVL SOM3®). With a precise balance of ingredients designed to support overall cell function, AVL SOM3® fortifies your skin’s ability to maintain and restore itself.

By addressing the exact needs of your skin cells during daily regeneration, AVL has formulated a base for its products that is driven by a mathematical algorithm to provide your skin with everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Experience AVL SOM3®

Striking a balance

The science of skincare.
The power of your cells.

This balanced system of skincare solutions uses the power of AVL SOM3® to enhance the performance of an array of trusted ingredients proven to boost hydration, moisture, firmness and elasticity.

Scientifically formulated for All ages, genders
and skin types.

Our unique approach begins at the cellular level with safe active ingredients that are effective and supported by science to improve overall skin health and appearance.


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Science Based & Clinically Confirmed


Science Based & Clinically Confirmed

Transparency in testing.
Trust in results.

Transparency and science are core values at AVL, driving us to openly share our clinical data and provide evidence of the effectiveness of our products.


To design products that improve people’s skin, and their lives,
using the power of biotechnology.

The Power of Science
& Technology
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& Manufacturing
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Enahnces your life