Clinical Trials

Transparency and science are core values at AVL, driving us to openly share our clinical data and provide evidence of the effectiveness of our products.

AV Laboratories has internally as well as externally tested its products both in vitro as well as in vivo. There have been hundreds of internal as well as external testing participants throughout the years. The in vitro tests were done in an academic institution under the guidance of Prof. K. Korpacka from Wroclaw Medical University. Here the AVL SOM3® medium was validated to show increases in wound healing as well as oxidative stress-sparing properties which we believe is a key feature that makes our cosmetics stand out. Using this knowledge, we painstakingly formulated a cosmetic preparation to have a gentle texture as well as a good feel to incorporate AVL SOM3® medium. Using these formulations, our company moved into in vivo safety tests on volunteer participants both internally as well as externally. Having no serious adverse effects we were able to distribute our products for consumer feedback to spas and clinics in Germany, Poland, Canada as well as the United States.


Participants in safety testing


Participants in internal VISIA trial


Participants in external trials


Participants in global testing

Our company goals are to continue to evolve and push boundaries. We maintain a strict science focussed approach in all our company decisions and put the skin at the center.


AVL invests in external independent clinical trials organized by globally recognized testing laboratories, such as Eurofins Dermscan, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our skincare products. These laboratories assess the safety and efficacy of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products through a range of in vivo and in vitro testing methods. All external tests are conducted under strict dermatological supervision. This is to be confident that the tests meet rigorous standards and comply with all required norms, allowing for an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of our products. Till now the AVL products were tested on around 600 persons.


AVL believes that internal testing is crucial to navigating the development process and optimizing formulas. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology such as the VISIA machine and Courage KZAKA. Our focus on internal trials helps us to ensure that we only produce products with a clear purpose and efficacy that serves skin.


When testing and implementing new products and formulation changes, the only way to do it is using an unbiased quantitative approach. AV Laboratories decided to use the VISIA image analysis system by Canfield Scientific Inc. as a means to get reliable product feedback. The VISIA system is used to acquire raw high-resolution multi-point imaging data. We take advantage of cross-polarization technology as well as UV spectrum imaging to look deeper into what the skin is telling us. This allows us to rationalize every formulation decision. Using this precise approach we are able to give the skin everything that it needs and nothing that it doesn’t.


The Courage+Khazaka skin testing probes are another way AV Laboratories ensures that its products maintain the highest standard. Real-time skin changes as well as the ability to monitor dermatological skin parameters give us yet another insight into how the skin benefits from our products. Courage+Khazaka is a world-leading standardized skin testing system. While testing, we can gather important parameters that give us a unique perspective into how dynamic our skin changes when we apply our cosmetic products to them. We are able to directly measure skin moisture, oiliness, elasticity, as well as TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss).