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The team at AV Laboratories is deeply rooted in scientific expertise, with dedicated specialists in molecular and cell biology guiding its research and development. AV Laboratories was born out of a deep-rooted vision, underpinned by years of meticulous research and hands-on experience in developing and manufacturing standout sterile media products for cell culture. These products, designed as medical devices, catered to the in vitro culture of the most sensitive human stem cells - the very building blocks of life.

The name 'Aqua Vitae,' which translates to 'water of life,' is a testament to this commitment and resonates deeply with what AVL stands for. The patented AVL SOM3® technology, a hallmark of this vision, ensures the delivery of an optimal balance of nutrients vital for skin regeneration at the cellular level. Not only does AVL SOM3® promise transformative results, but it also works to guarantee optimal moisture and hydration tailored for every skin type. As our history shows, at AVL, we're not just creating skincare products but providing the essence of life for your skin.


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At our skincare company, our mission is to advance the science of skincare and provide innovative solutions for our customers. We are looking for like-minded partners in the skincare industry, including physicians, dermatology clinics, wellness centers, and luxury spas, who share our passion for science-based skincare and treatments. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices makes us an ideal partner for companies that share our values. Whether you're a distributor looking to expand your product offerings or a retailer seeking exclusive products, we can work together to create a customized solution that meets your needs. Contact us to learn more about our B2B partnership opportunities and how we can advance the science of skincare together

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We’re dedicated to nurturing skin and the lives of people everywhere via the power of biotechnology. If you have questions, or want to partner with us, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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